Week 31 // Matthew 12:38-50 April 23, 2017

Matthew Sermon Series

From it's first words to it's last, the Gospel of Matthew calls people to a radical new frame of mind. In this literary masterpiece the outsiders are brought in, the rich are exposed as poor, and those who seem most powerful are proven to be weak. But nothing in this book is as shocking as the circumstances surrounding the birth, life, death, and resurrection of a Jewish carpenter from Nazareth and the claims He makes on our lives. Its a narrative so profound, everyone has a response.

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  • Week 31 // Matthew 12:38-50
    Watch Romans 11:11-24
    April 23, 2017
    Speaker: Norm Funk
    Date: April 23, 2017
    Text: Matthew 12:38-50

    Hard heartedness is a topic that comes up often in the Bible. It’s seen prominently with Pharaoh but continues on with the disciples and the Pharisees thereafter. What are the earmarks of hardheartedness – especially the more subtle ones - and how do we overcome it? That’s what this sermon addresses.
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  • Week 30 // Easter Sunday // Matthew 28
    Watch Romans 11:11-24
    April 16, 2017
    Speaker: Matt Menzel
    Date: April 16, 2017
    Text: Matthew 28

    In this sermon we will take some time to look at the difference between holding to the resurrection of Jesus as theory versus reality. What does it mean to walk in the power of the resurrection today? And what differences should we be expecting this to make in our lives?
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  • Good Friday // Matthew 27:15-26
    Watch Romans 11:11-24
    April 14, 2017
    Speaker: Norm Funk
    Date: April 14, 2017
    Text: Matthew 27:15-26

    In this Good Friday message we dive into the exchange of Jesus for Barabbas and consider how we too are like Pilate, the Crowd and Barabbas himself and therefore, how we all need Jesus.
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  • Week 29 // Palm Sunday // Matthew 21:1-11
    Watch Romans 11:11-24
    April 09, 2017
    Speaker: Norm Funk
    Date: April 9, 2017
    Text: Matthew 21:1-11

    On this Palm Sunday we enter Jerusalem with Jesus – for the first time in Matthew – and consider deeply those characteristics of Jesus that Matthew emphasizes.
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  • Week 28 // Matthew 12:33-37
    Watch Romans 11:11-24
    April 02, 2017
    Speaker: Norm Funk
    Date: April 2, 2017
    Text: Matthew 12:33-37

    In last week’s passage we were witness to the most horrific words ever uttered: Jesus does what He does by way of Satan. In this week’s text Jesus sheds light on how our words not only bear witness to who we are but why we utter them in the first place.
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  • Week 27 // Matthew 12:22-32
    Watch Romans 11:11-24
    March 26, 2017
    Speaker: Norm Funk
    Date: March 26, 2017
    Text: Matthew 12:22-32

    We are approaching a culminating point in Matthew where not only is Jesus’ popularity reaching a zenith but so too is His opposition. In this message we tackle the accusation of the Pharisees who concluded that Jesus did what He did by the power of Satan and consider the relevance for us today.
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  • Week 26 // Matthew 12:9-21
    Watch Romans 11:11-24
    March 19, 2017
    Speaker: Norm Funk
    Date: March 19, 2017
    Text: Matthew 12:9-21

    In this message Jesus continues to press in on the Pharisees view of the Sabbath - this time by way of healing a man with a withered hand. In this message we will also address the question of whether or not Christians are to keep the Sabbath today.
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  • Week 25 // Matthew 12:1-8
    Watch Romans 11:11-24
    March 12, 2017
    Speaker: Matthew Menzel
    Date: March 12, 2017
    Text: Matthew 12:1-8

    In this sermon we will look at the invitation Jesus extended to rest in Him. What does that actually mean? How do we do it? And what does it require to be a people defined by His rest instead of our work?
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  • Week 24 // Matthew 11: 20-30
    Watch Romans 11:11-24
    March 05, 2017
    Speaker: Norm Funk
    Date: March 5, 2017
    Text: Matthew 11:20-30

    One of the sweetest invitations of Jesus is to “Come to Him.” Why would we not? This message looks at some of the reasons for why many choose not to come to Jesus, the warning to those who don’t, and what is promised to those who do.
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  • Wek 23 // Matthew 11:1-19
    Watch Romans 11:11-24
    February 26, 2017
    Speaker: Matt Menzel
    Date: February 26, 2017
    Text: Matthew 11:1-19

    In this sermon we will examine the place of doubt in the Christian experience. As we walk through the text we'll look at where doubt comes from, the provision we've been given to walk through doubt, how God responds to us in our doubt, and finally the benefits that doubt has in the lives of Jesus' disciples.
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  • Week 22 // Matthew 10:26-42
    Watch Romans 11:11-24
    February 19, 2017
    Speaker: Norm Funk
    Date: February 19, 2017
    Text: Matthew 10:26-42

    This message ends our study of Jesus’ missionary discourse. In it we dig deep into how we can overcome our fear in the light of the promise that we will encounter trials and tribulation when we choose to bear witness of Jesus.
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  • Week 21 // Matthew 10:16-25
    Watch Romans 11:11-24
    February 12, 2017
    Speaker: Matt Menzel
    Date: February 12, 2017
    Text: Matthew 10:16-25

    In this sermon we will be unpacking three circumstances that Jesus promises His disciples will face. These aspects of calling will challenge our perception of who Jesus is, what it means to follow Him, and why He calls us to any of these things in the first place.
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  • Week 20 // Matthew 10:5-15
    Watch Romans 11:11-24
    February 05, 2017
    Speaker: Norm Funk
    Date: February 5, 2017
    Text: Matthew 10:5-15

    In this text Jesus sends out His 12 with 11 instructions. In this message we take those 11 instructions, pare them down to five, and notice the things we share with the 12.
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  • Week 19 // Matthew 10:1-4
    Watch Romans 11:11-24
    January 29, 2017
    Speaker: Norm Funk
    Date: January 29, 2017
    Text: Matthew 10:1-4

    At this stage in Matthew’s gospel we move from the very public ministry of Jesus to Jesus calling, empowering and sending out His 12. All things prompted by Jesus’ compassion towards to crowds.
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  • Week 18 // Matthew 9:35-38
    Watch Romans 11:11-24
    January 22, 2017
    Speaker: Norm Funk
    Date: January 22, 2017
    Text: Matthew 9:35-38

    In this transition text Matthew sums up the ministry of Jesus in Galilee and shares three reasons for why Jesus had compassion for the crowds – reasons that should prompt our prayers for God to send more workers into His harvest.
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  • Week 17 // Matthew 9:27-34
    Watch Romans 11:11-24
    January 15, 2017
    Speaker: Norm Funk
    Date: January 15, 2017
    Text: Matthew 9:27-34

    Over the past two chapters we have observed Jesus do and declare much. But what’s to be our response to it all? This messages dives into the varied responses that people have to the life and ministry of Jesus.
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  • Week 16 // Matthew 9:18-24
    Watch Romans 11:11-24
    January 08, 2017
    Speaker: Norm Funk
    Date: January 8, 2017
    Text: Matthew 9:18-24

    In this message Jesus is approached by a synagogue ruler and a woman whom were both living in a state of grave desperation. In His miraculous response to them Jesus reveals how we share their desperation but are offered the salvation and restoration they received too.
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  • Week 15 // Matthew 2:1-11 Christmas Eve
    Watch Romans 11:11-24
    December 24, 2016
    Speaker: Norm Funk
    Date: December 24, 2016
    Text: Matthew 2:1-11

    On this Christmas Eve we look at how the responses of those to the arrival of Jesus 2000 years ago mirror those of many today - we oppose, we're indifferent or we pursue and worship Him.
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  • Week 14 // Matthew 2:1-6
    Watch Romans 11:11-24
    December 18, 2016
    Speaker: Matt Menzel
    Date: December 18, 2016
    Text: Matthew 2:1-6

    As we come to the fourth Sunday of Advent we will take some time to ask why the nation of Israel was so unprepared for the birth of their Messiah while wise-men from the east were among the first to worship the infant King. Are we in danger of making some of the same mistakes? And how can we guard ourselves from them?
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  • Week 13 // Matthew 1:1-17
    Watch Romans 11:11-24
    December 11, 2016
    Speaker: Matt Menzel
    Date: December 11, 2016
    Text: Matthew 1:1-17

    In this sermon we will turn our attention to the beginning of Matthew's gospel as we move toward the celebration of Jesus' birth at Christmas. The genealogy of Jesus that Matthew records expands on three specific titles for Jesus and the promises associated with them. What does it mean that Jesus is the son of Abraham, son of David, the Christ?
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  • Week 12 // Matthew 9:14-17
    Watch Romans 11:11-24
    December 04, 2016
    Speaker: Norm Funk
    Date: December 4, 2016
    Text: Matthew 9:14-17

    In this message we look at how Jesus once again addresses the radicalness of His message and ministry. Jesus had not come to simply upgrade what already existed but usher in something entirely new – a teaching that uses a discussion about fasting to make its point.
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  • Week 11 // Matthew 9:9-13
    Watch Romans 11:11-24
    November 27, 2016
    Speaker: Norm Funk
    Date: November 27, 2016
    Text: Matthew 9:9-13

    There are texts that stand out because of what’s contained in them this text is one of those; a text that highlights the wondrous grace and mercy of Jesus as shown in the call of Matthew. And a text that leaves us with a call to do the same.
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  • Week 10 // Matthew 9:1-8
    Watch Romans 11:11-24
    November 20, 2016
    Speaker: Matt Menzel
    Date: November 20, 2016
    Text: Matthew 9:1-8

    In this sermon we will walk through another miraculous act of liberation performed by Jesus. As we do we will focus our attention on what it looks like when the kingdom of heaven collides with our world.
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  • Week 9 // Matthew 8:28-34
    Watch Romans 11:11-24
    November 13, 2016
    Speaker: Norm Funk
    Date: November 13, 2016
    Text: Matthew 8:28-34

    Today’s text calls us to a middle ground – where, on the one hand, we are challenged with the reality and work of the demonic yet freed up from having to live in fear of it because of the person and work of Jesus.
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  • Week 8 // Matthew 8:23-27
    Watch Romans 11:11-24
    November 06, 2016
    Speaker: Norm Funk
    Date: November 6, 2016
    Text: Matthew 8:23-27

    In this message we jump into a boat with Jesus and His disciples and discover what the storms of life reveal about our understanding of Jesus and where our hope and trust lays.
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  • Week 7 // Matthew 8:14-22
    Watch Romans 11:11-24
    October 30, 2016
    Speaker: Norm Funk
    Date: October 30, 2016
    Text: Matthew 8:14-22

    In this message we look at the high call of following Jesus looking specifically at those roadblocks – those greater loves, commitments and passions – that keep us from doing so.
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  • Week 6 // Matthew 8:5-13
    Watch Romans 11:11-24
    October 23, 2016
    Speaker: Matt Menzel
    Date: October 23, 2016
    Text: Matthew 8:5-13

    In this sermon we will examine the faith of a Roman Centurion, a faith that made Jesus marvel. We'll unpack what was so amazing to Jesus about this man's faith and what our call is in response to it.
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  • Week 5 // Matthew 8:1-4
    Watch Romans 11:11-24
    October 16, 2016
    Speaker: Norm Funk
    Date: October 16, 2016
    Text: Matthew 8:1-4

    In this passage Matthew begins to bear witness to the claims of Jesus and does so by highlighting His miracles. In this message we drop in on the healing of a leper and discover how the leper’s physical condition mirrors our spiritual one and how Jesus came to heal us from it.

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  • Week 4 // Matthew 4:12-25
    Watch Romans 11:11-24
    October 09, 2016
    Speaker: Norm Funk
    Date: October 9, 2016
    Text: Matthew 4:12-25

    In this message where we transition from the ministry of John to Jesus we take a 30,000 foot view of Jesus’ ministry noting specifically that it was a ministry of fulfillment, kingdom in-breaking and calling.
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  • Week 3 // Matthew 4:1-11
    Watch Romans 11:11-24
    October 02, 2016
    Speaker: Norm Funk
    Date: October 2, 2016
    Text: Matthew 4:1-11

    In this text we join Jesus in the wilderness and observe Him being tempted by the devil. In this message we address two questions primarily: first, what was Jesus tempted towards and second, what does Jesus' temptation mean for us?
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  • Week 2 // Matthew 3:13-17
    Watch Romans 11:11-24
    September 25, 2016
    Speaker: Matt Menzel
    Date: September 25, 2016
    Text: Matthew 3:13-17

    In this sermon we will examine the baptism of Jesus. Why was He baptized if He was without sin? And what did His baptism accomplish for us?
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  • Week 1 // Matthew 3:1-12
    Watch Romans 11:11-24
    September 18, 2016
    Speaker: Matt Menzel
    Date: September 18, 2016
    Text: Matthew 3:1-12

    As we begin our series walking through the gospel of Matthew we will take some time to consider the ministry and message of John the Baptist. We will exmine what repentance means in the life of the church as we once again prepare for the arrival of Jesus.
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